Woman of Wonder #BreakTheBias

Woman of Wonder
Yes, you
A divine gift to humanity
Your make exhibited through mind, voice and actions
Is done so enchantingly

Woman of Wonder
You’re so unfamiliar
Your uniqueness shines through
In whatever room you step into

You create the new experience
All of them have been craving for
Insight after insight, leaves them wanting more

Woman of Wonder
Perhaps you’re delicate and soft
But on the inside strength reigns
Best of both worlds and when they mix
You’re a force to be reckoned with

Astonishment, amazement and awe
A marvellous thing, remarkable
These thoughts swimming in their heads
Jaws on floor 😉

Yes, you make them say WOW
You’re experience, intellect, knowledge and character shine
It doesn’t matter what you been through before
Because you always rise

You’re so full of might, uncommon to mankind
The light of God breaks out from within you
So bright that your breakthrough is such a sight

Woman of Wonder you break the bias
So, keep learning, rising and evolving
This world needs YOU

Peace and every good blessing be yours in Jesus Name. Amen

-Josie x

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