The Wonderful Counsellor

Dear Lovely Reader,

I hope things have been going well with you. It has been a while since the last message and we have entered a new season. Not just due to the weather but also the current and coming changes in this world.  

I believe more than ever before we need to seek, discern and hear God’s voice. Two of the names prophesised about Jesus were ‘Wonderful’, ‘Counsellor’ (Isaiah 9:6). This world is in desperate need of wonderful counsel.

There has been no other human on the face of the earth in the past, present or future that will have this same name as King Jesus.

In a world where people are trying to follow trends, be a part of the ‘status quo’, seeking first the wonderful counsellor in our daily lives makes us stand out as gold in settings of silver.

The meaning of ‘wonderful’ is – miracle, astonishment, unfamiliar, rare sight.

Also ‘out of the norm’ comes to mind and this is what God has called us to be through Jesus Christ.

We are to be set apart and light in the darkness.

When we choose to seek first The Wonderful Counsellor:

1. You say YES to FAITH and NO to fear

Giving into fear is very easy today but when you choose to focus your mind on what God says you learn to trust him for your daily needs and know He has your future sorted.

2. You possess uncommon intelligence

As God is the mastermind and creator of the universe, the wisdom He gives us is heavenly. Things that seem difficult to understand by the human mind, untapped ideas and unnoticed solutions will flow from you as you surrender to God in humility.

3. You become an independent thinker

This is very necessary in these times we live in. We need to view the world and what we see through the lens of the Bible. We shouldn’t be quick to follow the popular opinion and we must always research information for ourselves.

Not everything that is presented to us is as it seems. 

I pray God helps us to remember “wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction….and narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it” -Matthew 7:13-14.

4. You navigate relationships with emotional intelligence

This has definitely become a buzzword over the last few years. I believe this is simply exercising the fruit of the spirit with the people (personal or work) in our lives. We all know none of us are perfect but when we operate in emotional intelligence, we are so valuable in the lives of others.

Since you know that value, you’ll know that it is always better to respond and not react in provoking situations. Plus, you repel the wrong people away as you move with discernment!

5. You start to value quietness

Living a quiet life and being more selective of sharing content on social media has become attractive. Personally, I think this is very important, however balance is key! It’s not good to isolate yourself from others as we are innately social beings.

Having quiet time to yourself without any distraction is vital in our walk with God.

This is how we learn to hear His voice in the secret place. Jesus often withdrew from crowds to spend time with God – we must too!

When you quiet yourself, you allow God’s presence, voice and opinion (THE ONLY TRUTH) to be magnified in your mind and heart.

Also, being quiet/ holding your peace in situations when you’re attacked allows God to fight for you, serve you justice and uplift you in the midst of your enemies.

Thank you for reading all the way! I hope you found this message inspiring as we seek deeper relationship with The Wonderful Counsellor in these challenging times.

Seeking God more and being obedient to His word will come with blessings but also, we will encounter tests/trials as we stand out to follow the ways of Jesus.

We will find ourselves saying:

I have become as a wonder to many, But You are my strong refuge – Psalm 71:7

Peace and every good blessing be yours in Jesus Name. Amen.

-Josie x

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