Dear Lovely Reader,

Happy December. I hope this post finds you well.

Congratulations to us for making it to the last month of 2021!

This time of the year can only mean one thing which we are so familiar with – Christmas!

What comes to your mind when you think of Christmas?

Presents, turkey, family/friends, mistletoe, wine, Christmas trees, hallmark movies, snow, Jesus Christ. There is obviously more to this list, however as I was recapping over this question in my mind, I realised I thought of Jesus Christ last.

Perhaps you and certainly I can get lost in the tradition that we lose the true meaning of the season. How could we not think of Jesus first when His name is the season – CHRISTmas.

There is nothing wrong with the traditions of this holiday season as long as we don’t lose sight and focus of the real meaning.

I love to see festive lights on houses and shops which shine beautiful light in dark winter nights. However, these lights don’t last, they need to be topped up with batteries or mains electricity and they only come out once a year.

Jesus Christ came to this world once and His life is still talked about and His presence lives on through the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ is the True Light. He is the light that came and conquered the darkness of this world. There is truly no light like Him.

Jesus Christ is the only source of light you find in this world that shines:

INWARDLY – overcoming darkness in our hearts and minds


OUTWARDLY – through actions in love

The light of Jesus:

This is True Light that is everlasting and will never fade. Jesus is the True Light that shines brighter and brighter.

“The True Light which gives light to every man coming into the world” – John 1:9

You may be thinking – I am already in this world, so how does this scripture verse relate to me?

The reality is we are all born into this world in darkness – that’s why we see and experience so much evil.

God never intended the world to be like this. That why He sent His blameless and only son to live a life full of love and die in our place carrying all the sin and wickedness of humans. Jesus died, rose again and lives!

He overcame death, hell and the grave. We can too as long as we accept Him as our saviour.

Jesus coming into this world as a baby in a manger symbolises new birth.

You are already here but you can come as a new person now (i.e., be born again and start now with a new mindset and way of life).

When you switch a light on in a dark room or a change the colour of a lamp light, you can sense a new feeling in the atmosphere. Have you experienced this before? It’s kind of like you see the room differently, you notice space to make use of, if something needs to be fixed or you see something you like that you never did before.

💡We are the room and Jesus Christ is the light.💡

This world is getting darker and darker but that can only mean one thing…….the True Light will shine brighter and brighter through us who accept and follow Jesus.

Make that decision to switch on the light of Jesus Christ and accept Him into your heart this Christmas. If you have already, let the light of Jesus Christ shine brighter by carrying out an act of goodwill.💛

Would you like to know more about Jesus & salvation – contact me here

May your December & Christmas be filled with the True Light ✨

Peace and every good blessing be yours in Jesus Name. Amen.

-Josie x


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