September Word of The Month – My Thoughts

Dear Lovely Reader,

I hope you are well. I am literally 14 minutes into the last day of September in the UK. It has been an interesting and also anxious month for many. And just like the most of this year we’ve all been struck by what’s going on in the world and in our own lives.

I’ve been thinking what is the best way to feel better, how can I get out of this trouble I am in, how can I stop worrying. Perhaps you are or have been thinking like this too. It seems no matter where we turn there is depressing news or situations everywhere.

There are some situations that you and I may be facing that is beyond our control now or for a little while. Situations that require patience, resilience, hope and faith. The only way these character traits can be within us – starts with the knowing who we are. Who we are in Jesus Christ.

When we know who we are, challenges and disappointments of life won’t hold us down but truly help us to rise and reach for success in our individual journeys on this Earth.

That’s what I looking forward to diving in the month of October. A glorious month I pray for you. And I believe it should start with this mandate- “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind” – Matthew 22:37

Talk soon.

Peace and every good blessing be yours in Jesus name. Amen.

-Josie x

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