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The LORD Is My Banner (Yahweh-Nissi – Hebrew translation) is one of the many names of God. This name of God appears once in the Bible.

In Exodus 17:15, where Moses builds an altar and names it The LORD Is My Banner after the Israelites defeat the Amalekites.

They had victory not through their own might but by the presence and power of God.

We do face battles some longer and tougher than others but the reality is every day is a battle.

Whether it be holding your tongue back at the triggering co-worker or fighting your desire to have an extra portion of food as you start your weight loss plan. Also, there is the battle in your mind of holding unforgiveness, feeling the urge to quit, procrastination, not keeping your word or to appointments in relationships.

Every day we have the ability to be triumphant with God as our banner.

God as our banner shows our identity in Him, His sovereign control over all things and His fighting power in our lives.

Here’s what we can learn when we proclaim God as a banner over us:

1. Lift up the Word of God first

Let us all try to start the day with prayer and the meditation on the word of God. I know it can be difficult but even just a few minutes of prayer and a verse before you hop out of bed is good.

As the Amalekites were coming to war with the Israelites, Moses said to Joshua – “I will stand on the top of the hill with the rod of God in my hand” – Exodus 17:9.

Moses knew they had to turn to God first with the rod (the same rod that parted the red sea!). Our ‘rod’ today is the word of God. It carries His presence, power and peace – the perfect combination needed each day!

2. Seeking AND Receiving Godly help

Moses’ hands became heavy holding up the rod. Whenever he let down the rod, the Amalekites prevailed and when the rod was lifted was up – Israel prevailed.

We can see the importance of the rod (word of God)! To ensure the rod was lifted up, Aaron and Hur supported Moses’ hand on either side. We need Godly counsel and people to help us on our faith in God journey.

3. Write down/remember your wins

After Israel claimed victory, the LORD said to Moses: “Write this for a memorial…”-Exodus 17:14

Let us learn to celebrate all the good we achieve. Give God all the praise and glory! Write down that date you overcame that addiction, or how many hours you were able not think negatively about yourself.

Have you heard the saying, ‘celebrate your small wins before the big win’?! I wouldn’t say small but life changing wins. Each day we are triumphant when we see we have grown in an area that we previously struggled in.

4. Power over your enemies

This isn’t just about people but also mindsets, thought-processes, habits and evil spirits holding you back.

I love how God says to Moses “I will utterly blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven”-Exodus 17:14

Think about how a writer uses ink pen to blot out something on a page. It completely covers and removes what was there before.

God does the same in our lives if we allow Him to. What they did to you or the anxiety you faced at that time in your life will no longer be at the forefront of your mind. Your remembrance of that past situation will only be how faithful God was to bring you through victorious and a better not bitter person!

Today say in faith and remember: The Lord Is My Banner

I’m praying for you! LISTEN –Banner by Brooke Ligertwood

Peace and every good blessing be yours in Jesus Name. Amen. | SUBSCRIBE HERE!

-Josie x

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