In Advance – April 2024 Word of the Month

Dear Lovely Reader,

Happy April!

The word for this month is – ‘In Advance’

‘In Advance’ of something or an event can mean:

  • In readiness
  • Ahead in time
  • Beforehand
  • Before a particular date or event

Everybody is always waiting for something. What’s funny is that when you receive  something in one area of your life, there will be another area waiting for your attention. If you don’t take care, you can live your life in a state of ‘waiting for the next thing and feel stagnated. This will cause you to miss the gift of the present moment.

I don’t want this for any of us and I thought lets quickly run through 2 key concepts in life: Time and Seasons. Understanding time and seasons will help us all know how to wait for ‘the appointed time’ and what to do ‘In Advance’ of the blessing.

To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven

-Ecclesiastes 3:1

Everything means ‘all things’ and we know that all things or each thing in our life does not stay the same forever. That’s why we have change which comes in the form of seasons.

We all have a purpose in God. Every purpose in our life has a time. There is always a set time for everything that God has ordained/purposed for our life.

God has decided our times and seasons beforehand.

Before you were born He knew you intimately. That’s why He say’s –

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. – Jeremiah 29:11

This gives us confidence that God is control of our lives when we are in difficulty, or when things are falling apart.

Now that we’ve gone through the concepts of times and seasons, we all understand that we have appointed times for blessings.

I hope you have understood this, if not you can try breaking this down through jotting down notes!

The main scripture which inspired April’s message:

For He performs what is appointed for me, And many such things are with Him – Job 23:14

God has appointed many things for us and I love how the word say ‘He performs’ meaning He executes/implements/carries out/conducts what He has purposed and planned for our lives.

When we want something, or you have a dream – it’s important that we ask God: Is this purposed for my life? When we pray, let us ask God: ‘I ask this __________ if it be according to your will.’

Once we know what we want/dream of is according to His will, then we know ‘that want’ is a desire that matches God’s desires for our lives.

Signs what you want is God’s will for you:

  • He confirms it to you through His word
  • He confirms it to you through dreams
  • The desire is strong and does not go away
  • You have natural abilities that will complement and help you to thrive in that desire
  • The desire will increase you to be able to be a blessing to others
  • The desire brings glory to God and His kingdom
  • You will grow spiritually, closer to God and in the fruit of the spirit

There are many more, but we can go through this another time, if you want a post on this let me know in the comments!

The performance of anything requires action and a process. As God is working, He will also put us in a process to ensure we are refined, whole and moulded into the person the blessing requires.

I know we are all waiting for different things and I hope the following tips will serve as essential advice on what to do ‘In Advance’ of the appointed time and blessing 😉

1. Count the cost

Any decision has a cost. There is a cost to following Christ. There is a cost to change – losing your comfort zone. There is a cost for the new – forgetting the ways you know and the old.

For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it – Luke 14:28

God will awaken you to consider what it takes to get to the next level. It may mean taking extra courses to advance your knowledge or cut spending in a few areas to invest money into the new business idea. I believe we all know our ‘costs’ which will mean sacrifice and choosing to persevere in discomfort.

2. Shake the dust off your feet

Jesus gave us the best remedy for dealing with rejection.

And whoever will not receive you nor hear your words, when you depart from that house or city, shake off the dust from your feet – Matthew 10:14

Rejection is painful and we have all experienced it in some way. Jesus shows we have the power to control our emotions and change the narrative. 

‘Shaking the dust off’ means removing the negative feelings of low confidence/ low self-worth and esteem.

Know that you are royalty in Jesus Christ!

Shaking the dust off is not only limited to the inner work but also the physical things such as deleting photos or removing sentimental objects that remind you of that place, situation, or person. It’s not an easy process but once you start with Jesus’ word as your guide, the healing process will become easier.

This process will lead to you setting your heart, mind, and soul free from the past, word curses and forgiving those who rejected you. The appointed blessing God has for you will come with love and acceptance from people He has ordained for your life. God wants you to be healed and whole before he brings in your spouse, new friendships, new business partner, new job and so on 😊

Rejection can also be a negative re-occurrence. This can come in the form of a person getting rejected wherever they go or they are living a limited life because of self-rejection. It is not a good sign – that person could possibly be dealing with a spirit of rejection. I will one day go through this topic.

Thank you for reading all the way to here! For the rest of the tips and part 2

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