How To Be An Excellent Woman

5 Traits Of An Excellent Woman

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Dear Lovely Reader,

Today marks the end of Woman’s History Month and I thought it would be nice to go over the traits of an excellent woman.

I’m sure you’ve seen the term “high-value woman or man” that is loosely thrown around social media. There is nothing wrong with the term but I think when something becomes more commonly talked about – it tends to lose true meaning.

Behind a “high- value” anything is the working of excellence.

Excellence should be present in our personality, character, knowledge and appearance.

Let’s get straight to the traits 😉

Honour – An excellent woman moves with honour. She finds honour in herself by finding her identity in God. This is a firm knowing that her worth, esteem and respect is not from others, her background or what she does for a living. It’s found in being a unique human, alive with the power to create.

Strength – We all have to be strong and grow stronger in this world we live in. Yet there is a beautiful distinct way an excellent woman shows strength.

She shows strength by speaking up for others, standing up for herself and does the right thing even when nobody is looking. It is true integrity. Her strength is made even more beautiful when the struggle tears that stroke her face releases fuel to keep calm and carry on even under fire.

Compassion – In a world that is waxing cold day by day, this trait makes this excellent woman precious and rare. She is tender-hearted and empathetic towards others.

She may not have been dealt with the same misfortunate cards as someone else but will be understanding and merciful through her speech and will definitely show care and grace through her actions.

Intelligent– She values education (not necessarily traditional) and will not stop learning. She understands that as she acquires more knowledge and skills, she will be able to apply herself and adapt to changes fast.

This makes her super valuable as she not only builds herself but also becomes a teacher to those around her.


Magnificent Presence – Beauty comes from within and looks don’t matter. But it does and an excellent woman knows this. She knows that humans (not just males) are visual and discerns the spirit of others at events, school, workplaces and social functions. She learns to present herself in an impressive manner through her:

Style and outfits – classy and elegant fitting her body type and not dressing for the attention of onlookers

Hair & Makeup – She accentuates her natural beauty with the right products, mixes it up and has fun!

Hygiene – She looks after her physical body (cares about her teeth too!) and smells fantastic

Confident stance – a conversation and a smile with an excellent woman leaves a lasting impression

Aura – She is charismatic and attracts the right people naturally. She is not desperate for attention and her personality is stunningly unique

Thanks for reading all the way! These are definitely traits that I am trying to grow in. There are certainly more qualities not covered in this post. What do you think? Any suggestions of other key traits of an excellent woman?

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Peace and every good blessing be yours in Jesus Name. Amen.

-Josie x



  1. Thanks for this post Josie. I will like to say something about the saying “ behind every successful man there is a woman “. First of all this is NOT biblical!. God took a rib from the man and formed a woman. So women, the saying, should be BESIDE EVERY SUCCESSFUL MAN IS A WOMAN!. Stay beside your husband women and walk side by side, guiding each other and supporting each other.
    Happy Mother’s Day to all women with biological and non- biological children. And we salute you Men raising children by themselves. Blessings!💝🌹

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