August Word of The Month: New Ground

Dear Lovely Reader,

I hope you are keeping well.

I want to share this message to encourage you today. I don’t know what the past few months have been for you but I can imagine some of us have been shaken by the issues of life whether it is a relationship under stress, financial loss, job insecurity, poor mental or/and physical health. It seemed at one point everything was rosy and secure, standing on solid ground. Then fast forward to this moment and you are surrounded by broken ground. Things have spiralled out of control, it seems as if it has been blow after blow in your life.

One thing I have come to realise is that when storms of life come your way, greater things are coming your way. We know that this life we live on Earth is and will be full of many troubles, but God by His grace gives us the ability to withstand and go through the fiery trial. Troubles of life call us to learn to solely trust in the Lord. The Bible says we should “count it all joy when you fall into various trials, because you know the testing of your faith produces perseverance”- James 1:2-3. You may not be feeling joyful now but I encourage you to rejoice in the Lord and be hopeful that better days are ahead. Difficult situations produce character in us, which normally prepares us for the next season in our lives.

Normally when objects are broken, we tend to throw them away apart from valuable possessions we try to piece together. Just as broken ornaments need glue and broken ground needs water, we need something that can hold and piece us together in our own brokenness. Jesus Christ and His word is the answer –“Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them” – John 7:38.

Essentially meaning when we turn to Jesus and believe in His word, we find satisfaction for our soul. Living waters is the joy and peace that meets and overcomes the troubled heart and soul. Just as water replenishes dry, broken ground, Jesus does the same for us in our hearts and minds. Jesus is the blessing to be found in the broken pieces of our lives, He brings all the pieces together and will make all things new.

As we’re in this new month, I encourage you to step onto New Ground holding firmly to Jesus and His word – He will lead the way and never let you down!

Peace and every good blessing be yours in Jesus Name. Amen.

-Josie x

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