7 Signs Your Hope Is From God – PART 2

Sign 4: Your hope is larger than what you see

Do people say you are too ambitious or naïve to go after what you’re desiring.  Go after it anyway, especially if you have received confirmation from God. Take that step and leap of faith. This also means that you don’t settle as you’re believing, working and preparing for more. Wait for God’s best!

Sign 5: Pure patience is developing inside of you

Patience is a virtue and I think we all have it in varying degrees, but pure patience is a rare quality to find in people. Pure patience is best defined by Dr Charles Stanley:

  • The quiet, uncomplaining endurance under stress or annoyance
  • The will to wait

Highly recommend His sermon on this topic!

This kind of patience comes only from God. If you see that over the years, months or even days you’ve grown to be more patient – this is a massive sign that your hope is from God. He is refining your character to be so RARE that you stand out and shine in wisdom and strength!

Sign 6: Your mind and skillset grows

For example, you’re trying for a baby and becoming a mother or father requires a lot of responsibility and sacrifice. God will help you to mature in those areas by perhaps:

  • Giving you a promotion at work – that possibly means:

more income to manage, responsibility over a department or you’re tasked to supervise junior recruits etc.

This requires you to be a wise and empathetic leader which is so important in bringing a child into the world.

Sign 7: New found desires birthing in other key areas of your life

As you grow in character, skills and mindset – you start to view the world through purpose – driven lens.

As you continue to hope for one thing, your desires for other blessings (relationships, marriage, higher education, good physical health, ministry, travel etc) grows.

At this point you know that there is so much available for you at this side of eternity and that you can have heaven on earth internally and materially!

Hope in God does not disappoint because it is the Holy Spirit working inside of you to keep going, believing, preparing and working. That is the same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the grave. If death has been conquered – then NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

What you’re hoping for is possible and is YES and AMEN.

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Peace and every good blessing be yours in Jesus Name. Amen.

-Josie x

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