5 Steps To Build Your Confidence

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You can’t be confident without having inner contentment.

Contentment – a mental and emotional state of peaceful and joyous satisfaction

Confident – poised and optimistic security in yourself and abilities

These two definitions I’ve created may seem different to your own or to popular opinion. 

They both are internal mindsets which reflect outwardly in actions and behaviours. You may be feeling low right now or the most confident you’ve ever been – however there’s no harm in continuing to grow from the level you’re on or start from scratch.

We’re on this journey together! Let’s go through these steps together to grow in confidence!

Step 1: Find Who You Want To Be

Without a vision and purpose everything is meaningless.

Take some reflection time today/this week to think about what you want from life.

Pray into your purpose by seeking God in His word.

For example, let’s say one of your goals is to start a business – one quality of an entrepreneur is discipline. Find scripture in the Bible about discipline.

We are called to make the vision clear – so write scripture down and meditate on them daily. This exercise doesn’t necessarily have to be about a career option but can also point to well-being and satisfaction in life. The scripture will start to form an inner desire in you that needs to be fulfilled with a change in mindset and actions. By fulfilling those desires (placed by God in your heart), contentment forms within.

Step 2: Identify Confidence Killers

What areas of your life, parts of your character or habits are a hindrance to achieving your aspirations? This requires honesty which can be painful, however self-analysis reveals truth.

No matter how bad the truth is – you will be set free.

This is the freedom to change. The liberty to move forward and overcome stumbling blocks/mindsets (you may have) built within your mind.

You can do this with God or with a trusted loved one. Identify yourself with what God says about you. God is love and His intentions are for your good. Don’t let this step keep you trapped to your past/mistakes/ guilt or trauma.

Step 3: Think & Speak The Right Words

You have to inhabit a confident mindset. To change your surroundings and the course of your life – change your thoughts and speak life. Even with the most supportive people around you, YOU still need believe you are WORTHY.

“Blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it” – Luke 11:28

Keep the word of God by thinking and speaking the way He sees you. Choose to always see the positive aspects of your day. There’s no better way to start than with these specially designed screen phone wallpapers here! (Perfect for android/iPhone)

Step 4: Activate Affirmations  

As you start to build your confidence, you have no choice but to FEEL it, BE it and LIVE it!

“Therefore, do not cast away your confidence, which has great reward”- Hebrews 10:35

There is power in confidence rooted in God’s unshakeable word.

YOU are UNSHAKEABLE, yes you may get hurt and have bad days but YOU STAND! You have composure, faith in God and a difficulty you encounter is only a stepping stone to greater. Your reward is ultimate success as one of God’s blueprint is levelling you up from GLORY to GLORY!

Step 5: Remain Confident

Godly confidence is poised and calm, not arrogant. It is self-assured, honest, positive and not affected by others’ opinions or abilities.  

Remaining confident is a journey. Purposeful practice of all the steps forms a mental/emotional foundation of contentment because you know who you are.

So, whenever you encounter a setback or trouble – remember your purpose.

God put you on this earth for such a time as this to fulfil a special unique destiny!

As long as you’re reading this, life is not over for you. Keep hoping with peace and joy in your heart.

Always remember to take time to put yourself first because:

“In returning and rest you shall be saved: In quietness and confidence shall be your strength” – Isaiah 30:15

Hope you find these steps useful. Do you have any tips? Would love to see your suggestions in the comments!

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Peace and every good blessing be yours in Jesus Name. Amen.

-Josie x

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