2024 Word of The Year – The King of Glory Triumphant

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Dear Lovely Reader,

Happy New Year! I pray 2024 will be the year where you encounter God’s goodness and mercy like never before.

I hope your January is off to a great start. This is a month where we know some people tend to gloss over or have the blues. I know we hear those words – New Year, New Me or New Year, Same Me! Maybe you find resolutions and goal setting irrelevant.

No matter what you tend to think of this month, I think we must understand and appreciate that January is the gateway into the rest of 2024. Without January, we wouldn’t have April, July or December? The 1st of something matters – it normally tends to be a foundation for anything else after.

After spending time in the presence of God – I believe God is showing me that 2024 is the year of – The King of Glory Triumphant. This revelation came from Psalm 24.

Who is this King of Glory – Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ’s power will be triumphant in all areas of our lives as we trust Him.

We have seen Jesus’ triumphant power throughout scriptures through miracles, healings, signs and wonders. He hasn’t stopped doing wonders and never will!

As we expectantly wait on God to open doors for us this year, we also realise there will be struggles to face. In struggles Jesus will triumph as our source of faith over fear, light over darkness, divine health over sickness, divine provision over lack, life over death, strength over weakness and peace over distress.

Join me as we say this prayer aloud for 2024! [inspired from Psalm 24]

Dear Heavenly Father,

The maker of the universe – the earth, the world and all that dwell in are yours.

Thank You for bringing us into this new year. We are so grateful for our lives.

As we look to You for this year, purify and make us holy in your sight.

Give us clean hands and a pure heart.

We choose to put You first and exalt You above idols and all things in our lives.

Keep us away from using our mouth to promote falsehood. Keep us away from bearing false witness and making false promises to others.

Help us to think carefully before we speak, for we know there is power of life and death in the tongue.

Teach us to be righteous in our thoughts, deeds and words.

Place in us the desire to seek Your face daily.

When we do these things, Lord Your word says we shall receive blessing and righteousness.

We speak to every shut door and gate in our life – lift up your heads, lift up your heads!

That the King of Glory – our saviour Jesus Christ shall come in.

As You open doors for us this year, we are lifted in Your hands and protected.

We know You are strong and mighty in battle. You are the Lord of hosts.

Nothing that arises against us will prevail because we trust You!

Jesus, we praise You as the King of Glory triumphant in our lives.

We decree and declare this in faith in Jesus Name. Amen!

Peace and every good blessing be yours in Jesus Name. Amen!


-Josie x


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