2023, Thank You

2023, you were amazing.

You were amazing not just because of the good days or the blessings that came to pass but also the difficult days. I’m amazed because I saw how I stood. How we all stood and remained steadfast.

It wasn’t easy, suppressed negative feelings/emotions crushing our hearts whilst going through life’s daily motions. We only stood because of You Father. I acknowledge and praise for You for all 365 days. I couldn’t, we couldn’t have done it without You.

I learnt that the hardest days and weeks was only an opportunity for You to show yourself mighty and engulf us with Your affectionate love. Oh Your love Lord, Oh Your mercy – it amazes me. No human could ever come close or replicate.

Thank You for your providence – Your divine and protective care. In the breakthroughs and losses, Your hands to hold and embrace was always there. And so will You continue to be there, for I know, We know You change not and are ever faithful.

We look to You as we move forward into 2024, we are believing for healing, blessings, redemption, restoration, wars to cease and peace. We believe Lord You will do it.

I pray that You will find us as faithful and prayerful vessels on earth ready to bring You all the glory.

In Jesus Name. Amen.

Peace and every good blessing be yours in Jesus Name. Amen.

Josie x

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